Carlos Rodriguez-Franco, R&D director, honored with Lifetime Achievement Award

Photo: Carlos Rodriguez-Franco holds his lifetime achievement award.
Dr. Carlos Rodriguez-Franco received his lifetime achievement award from Chapingo Autonomous University's Jorge Antonio Torres Pérez, Division of Forestry Sciences, and José Luis Romo, Research and Graduate Studies. Forest Service photo by Heidi McAllister.

WASHINGTON, D.C.—For his outstanding work in the field of forestry sciences, Forest Service Research and Development Deputy Chief Carlos Rodríguez-Franco was honored by Chapingo Autonomous University with a lifetime achievement award May 3. Rodríguez-Franco obtained his Bachelor of Science degree as agronomy engineer specialist in forestry from the university.

José Luis Romo, university director general of Research and Graduate Studies, shared his experience with Rodríguez-Franco as a friend, professional and family member that demonstrated his support, solidarity and transparency. "Without a doubt, he is an example to follow,” said Romo. “His exceptional performance has allowed him to excel in forestry with outstanding success."

Romo urged students to reflect upon the importance of their educational experience at the Universidad Autonoma Chapingo, which provides robust tools designed to help them succeed wherever they choose to work.

Jorge Antonio Torres Pérez, director of the university’s Division of Forestry Sciences, stressed that with potential, good training and hard work, you can practice forestry anywhere in the world. "We must as aspire to the example set by “Doctor Carlitos,” as I call him. He is living proof that our students have the ability to achieve great heights not only in Mexico, but anywhere in the world.”

Rodríguez-Franco thanked his alma mater for the recognition and recalled some short stories about his student days. He emphasized the training provided by the teachers who left their mark on him, whose continued friendship he finds invaluable even today.

He described some of the challenges he had faced as a student and said, "During times of transition, it’s important to be strong, to be prepared and resilient when faced with difficulties, and to continue to focus upon learning.

"To become what we want, we need to set goals new every day. When you reach them, put others in front of you. Time will always reward your efforts.”