Forest Service Research and Development Deputy Chief’s Award ceremony

WASHINGTON, D.C. – On June 10, the Deputy Chief of Forest Service Research and Development hosted its 2018 Deputy Chief’s Awards Ceremony and recognized six scientists for their outstanding contributions to research and science delivery. Scientists were recognized in 3 award categories: Early Career Scientist, Science Delivery and Distinguished Science.

The Early Career Scientist award recognizes scientists who are at the beginning of their research career and have demonstrated, through personal accomplishments, outstanding capability and exceptional promise for significant future achievement. 

The Science Delivery award recognizes creative efforts and contributions in the area of science delivery and technology transfer through sustained research productivity; leadership and contributions in providing value to end users of scientific research; application and benefits of the research and service. 

The Distinguished Science award recognizes creative efforts and contributions through sustained research productivity, contributions of major impact on science or technology, scientific leadership, application and benefits of research, and service

The recipients of the awards included: Dr. Angela White for Early Career Scientist; Dr. Eric White for Science Delivery; Dr. Susan Charnley, Dr. Haiganoush Preisler, Dr. Lindsey Rustad and Dr. Xiping Wang for Distinguished Science.  

Early Career Scientist – Dr. Angela White is a Research Ecologist with the Pacific Southwest Research Station, Conservation of Biodiversity Program in Davis, California. Dr. White was recognized for building an exceptional research program, through collaborations with scientists and land managers, to further the Agency’s mission.

Science Delivery – Dr. Eric White is a Research Social Scientist with the Pacific Northwest Research Station, Goods, Services, and Values Program in Olympia, Washington.  Dr. White was recognized for his exceptional performance in sustained productivity, collaboration and science delivery serving natural resource management in the United States.

Distinguished Science – Dr. Susan Charnley is a Research Social Scientist with the Pacific Northwest Research Station, Goods, Services and Values Program in Portland, Oregon. Dr. Charnley was recognized for her career achievements in natural resource social sciences and outstanding service to land managers and rural communities in the United States and internationally. 

Distinguished Science – Dr. Haiganoush Preisler is a Statistical Scientist with the Pacific Southwest Research Station, Ecosystem Function and Health Program in Albany, California. Dr. Preisler is being recognized for her novel and innovative statistical contributions in predicting disturbance impacts on forest ecosystems.  

Distinguished Science – Dr. Lindsey Rustad is a Research Ecologist with the Northern Research Station, Center for Research on Ecosystem Change in Durham, New Hampshire. Dr. Rustad is being recognized for her outstanding contributions to ecosystems through research and leadership and for helping people discover the natural world through exploring the linkages between art and science. 

Distinguished Science – Dr. Xiping Wang is a Forest Products Technologist with the Forest Product Laboratory, Engineering Properties of Wood, Wood Based Materials and Structures in Madison, Wisconsin. Dr. Wang is being recognized for his exceptional contributions on the discovery and development of technologies that enhance the use of wood materials, mitigate the spread of invasive species and further the use of wood in engineered materials.   

Group of folks posing for picture
From left, Alexander Friend, deputy chief for Research and Development; Xiping Wang, FPL; Angela White, PSWRS; Susan Charnley, PNWRS; Lesley Kelly, assistant director for PNWRS (standing in for awardee Eric White); USDA Forest Service Chief Victoria Christiansen; Haiganoush Preisler, PSWRS; Lindsey Rustad, NRS. Back row, Valerie Hipkins, acting director for PSWRS; and Tony Ferguson, director for NRS. USDA Forest Service photo.