FS silviculturist receives USDA award

John Kabrick, a research forester and silviculturist with the Northern Research Station’s lab in Columbia, Missouri. U.S. Forest Service photo.


– John Kabrick, a research forester and silviculturist with the Northern Research Station’s lab in Columbia, Missouri, received the USDA Forest Service’s Silviculture Excellence Award during the National Silviculture Workshop held July 18-20, 2017, in Flagstaff, Arizona. Kabrick, who has been with the Northern Research Station for 14 years, is part of Research Work Unit NRS-11, Sustainable Management of Central Hardwood Ecosystems and Landscapes.

Kabrick’s research explores quantifying and modeling the developmental dynamics and sustainable management of forest and woodland ecosystems with the objective of translating research into practical guidance on silvicultural methods for forest owners, managers, planners, ecologists and wildlife biologists. He has authored more than 125 research publications that fill critical knowledge gaps identified by forest managers, planners, silviculturists, ecologists and biologists.

In addition to publishing research, Kabrick works with a network of collaborators, partners and practitioners to share information with staff on national forests. Efforts have included serving as a National Advanced Silviculture Program (NASP) instructor between 2015 and 2017; managing the research program on the Sinkin Experimental Forest in Salem, Missouri; and serving on the National Experimental Forests and Ranges Working Group, including serving as the vice chair in 2015 and chair in 2016. For a decade, Kabrick was a member of the Missouri Cooperative Soil Survey Steering Committee, where he represented the interests of forest managers and silviculturists while directing development of the next generation of soil surveys and updates so they are more useful for site-specific forest decision making. Recently he has been instrumental in getting forestry information included in smartphone apps that deliver detailed, site-specific soils information in real time.