Parrotta president-elect of IUFRO

Portrait of John Parrotta.
John Parrotta is a research program leader for international science issues. He was recently elected incoming president of IUFRO. Photo courtesy John Parrotta.

WASHINGTON, DC—The board of the International Union of Forest Research Organizations has elected John Parrotta, research program leader for international science issues, to serve as its president for a five-year term. The election was held Sept. 11, and Parrotta’s term begins in October 2019. Dr. Parrotta has been actively involved with IUFRO in a variety of leadership positions since 1993, when he was a scientist at International Institute of Tropical Forestry. He currently serves as vice president of IUFRO. Parrotta looks forward to helping strengthen international forest science collaboration, as well as to advance the public profile of forest science worldwide, in his organization.

The Forest Service is one of the largest and oldest members of IUFRO. IUFRO currently has 627 members in 126 countries.