Region 5 honored with FEDS Spotlight Award

Renee Jewell (center) receives FEDS Spotlight Award from Acting DOE FEMP Director Leslie Nichols (left) and DOE Deputy Assistant Secretary for Energy Efficiency Dr. Kathleen Hogan (right). Forest Service photo.

WASHINGTON, D.C. – USDA Forest Service’s Pacific Southwest Region employee, Renee Jewell, received a FEDS Spotlight Award at an evening ceremony, Aug. 22, 2018, in Cleveland, Ohio. The event was hosted in conjunction with the U.S. Department of Energy’s Federal Energy Management Program Energy Exchange training event. Jewell, a commercial services program manager/procurement analyst/small business specialist/contracting officer, based in Vallejo, California, at the Regional Office, is the first Forest Service employee to receive this award.

FEDS Spotlight provides an opportunity for federal agencies to recognize their employees for going above and beyond day-to-day responsibilities to achieve mission goals in energy, water and fleet management. Through this recognition program, FEMP seeks to recognize agency champions in the field who work hard to implement exceptional projects and programs that lead to affordable, replicable energy and water solutions that benefit American taxpayers.

Jewell recently managed or supported several large-scale renewable energy project contracts, paving the way for the region’s first net zero facility. Serving as the agency representative to the Federal Aggregated Solar Procurement Pilot, she was instrumental in working through the unique challenges of developing a multi-organization request for proposal. This multi-agency energy project demonstrated that combining procurement and project management resources results in greater efficiency and cost effectiveness, saving the government an estimated $5 million in energy costs and helping achieve federal renewable energy goals. Jewell was also instrumental in the implementation of the region’s first two Energy Savings Performance Contract ENABLE projects in coordination with DOE, and she played a key role in leading negotiations and establishing processes for employee electric vehicle charging at the Region 5 Regional Office.

Jewell is a dedicated public servant, an innovator and a results-oriented high achiever and is well deserving of this prestigious award, one of just 25 given across the federal government this year.