Serving people every day

Photo: A woman in uniform holds a poster board. Three children are looking at it, and one is raising his hand to ask a question.
Kristen Meyer gives a talk on boreal toads to fourth-graders. Forest Service photo by Steve Sunday.

COLORADO — The Forest Service motto says we care for the land and serve people. Every once in a while, people let us know when one of our employees has truly lived up to that. Such was the case with Kristen Meyer at the South Park Ranger Station, Pike and San Isabel National Forests.

She was so helpful that the person she assisted was moved to email agency leadership. Meyer is a fish and wildlife biologist who has been with the Forest Service for about seven and a half years. Before working on the ranger district, she was an ecologist on the Rocky Mountain Research Station.

Meyer took the time to speak with her caller several times in one morning. She was able to refer the caller to the best person to help with each of the queries, as well as providing additional information. To quote the email directly, Meyer is “a very intelligent person, and a shining example of how great our federal government is.”