Tonto NF ranger district recognized for excellence

As the Forest Service continues to embrace its multi-use mission, creating working relationships with partners and stakeholders will become even more important. On May 19, the International Partnering Institute recognized the Globe Ranger District of Tonto National Forest for its partnership with the Arizona Department of Transportation. The institute seeks to recognize collaborations that transform the construction industry through the achievement of exceptional results and the use of best practices. Globe Ranger District and ADOT worked together to upgrade U.S. Highway 60, a major recreation corridor that lies on Forest Service land between Phoenix and Globe, Arizona.

The IPI award cites the high degree of coordination and the multi-agency commitment to achieving project goals for quality, schedule, cost and resource protection. During a project that involved large-scale landscape alterations and a significant risk from more than a hundred blasting events, these partners worked together to ensure an excellent safety record and for the protection of cultural resources, relocation of endangered plant species, positive resolution of recreation and range issues, and a minimal impact on local communities and forest visitors.

The finished project, which includes a passing lane, extended shoulders, bridge improvements and increased drainage, is expected to provide a safer highway system for the public, increased access to Tonto National Forest and an economic boost to the city of Globe.

Photo: cloud of debris and dirt blown from side of mountain scatters across road after blast.
Crews blast along U.S. Highway 60 to add passing lanes and extend the available shoulder. Forest Service photo.


Photo: three men at the side of a road. One, kneeling, holds a small cactus in gloved hands. The other two observe.
Team members recover the federally-listed endangered Arizona hedgehog cacti from within the project footprint and transplant them to surrounding areas. Forest Service photo.






Photo: distant short of curve of a smooth, completed highway. Highway is set in hillside covered with sparse scrub.
A completed portion of U.S. Highway 60 near Globe, Arizona. Forest Service photo.