Women leaders in fire science

COLORADO—The recent editorial in the journal Fire, Recognizing Women Leaders in Fire Science, names 62 women from around the world as leaders in fire science. The authors acknowledge that this is not a complete list; however, they do provide the criteria used to make their choices and they make reference to adding others to the list. Of these 62 women, 10 are current or former employees of the USDA Forest Service. These Forest Service scientists include:

  • Haiganoush K. Preisler, statistical scientist
  • Susan G. Conrad, emeritus ecologist
  • Constance I. Millar, senior research ecologist
  • Carolyn H. Sieg, research ecologist
  • Carol Miller, research ecologist
  • Emily K. Heyerdahl, research forester
  • Sarah M. McCaffrey, research forester
  • Sharon M. Hood, research ecologist
  • Elizabeth Reinhardt, former assistant director of Fire and Aviation Management
  • Patricia Andrews, former research physical scientist
  • Sue A. Ferguson (posthumous), former research scientist

The authors “acknowledge that this compilation in no way encompasses all current women leaders in fire science. Rather, it is merely an attempt to identify some of the prospective role models in fire science and intentionally initiate a scholarly conversation about the perspectives and epistemologies that diversity can bring to the field. Additionally, while our goal here was to highlight the rise of women in the field, we also acknowledge the need to recognize other underrepresented voices in the field, such as indigenous and racial minorities, individuals with disabilities and the LGBTQIA community, who all bring different ways of doing and knowing to science.”