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Leadership Corner

As we commence July 4th weekend, the annual celebration of our nation, I reflect on the resiliency of our country and its people. Over the past couple of years, our country, and all of you, have adapted to challenges in ways we never imagined we would. Through it all, I continue to see how capable we are of positive change. I am proud to lead this agency and to work with you all in service to our nation. July 4th is a great day to enjoy time with friends and family. It is the people around us, the relationships that...
A picture of Forest Service Chief Randy Moore.
The colors of the Philadelphia Pride flag represented by elements of nature found on national forests & grasslands.
The progress Pride flag, incorporating additional colors to the traditional rainbow flag, hangs from a building.
From behind: Two student firefighters observing a prescribed fire. One rests his arm on the other's shoulder.
K-9 dog waiting outside a helicopter
An iceberg in front of sno-covered mountains
Happy holidays: Picture of snow-covered tree decorated for Christmas.
Art: Smokey Bear, Woodsy Owl & other animals having snowball fight. Text: Happy holidays from the USDA Forest Service & national symbols cache.
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