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I am proud to introduce “Nature Connects Us,” a joint campaign between the Forest Service and the National Forest Foundation, and the next evolution of our efforts to awaken and strengthen all people’s connection to national forests and grasslands. We do this by honoring tribal homelands through respectful and mindful experiences. “The power of the world always works in circles,” said Black Elk, a leader of the Oglala Lakota Tribe, while dictating his life story in the early 20th century. His words were captured in conversations with American poet John Neihardt and later compiled in the book “Black Elk Speaks.”...
Portrait: Reed Robinson in the office earing dark jacket and shirt and turquoise bolo tie.

Submission Guidelines

The Forest Service Office of Communication compiles input by field units and Washington Office staffs. This site is updated on a daily basis, so please ensure your submissions are a minimum of 300 words, timely, of interest to everyone across the Forest Service, and follow the inverted pyramid.

Dated information and submissions that have primarily local interest will not be accepted. Field units should submit items through their region, station or area Public Affairs Office, which approve and prioritize submissions. Send items to FS IFS Stories. Include supporting photos. Photos should be 300 dpi (dots per inch) at 10 inches, or 2100 pixels at widest point.

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