Land & Resources Management

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This section includes forest planning, current projects, and available geospatial data. Below is an explanation of how we organized our information.

Planning: Generally, this section contains  broad scale planning documents at the Regional, Forest, or Landscape (Watershed) level. Assessments identify existing condition, risks, opportunities, and desired future condition. The end product does not require a NEPA decision, but contributes information that feeds into Project analysis. This section includes the Forest Plan which establishes the primary management direction for the entire forest, providing a framework for what we do and where we do it. All other plans tier to the Forest Plan.

Projects: Projects are proposed actions analyzed through the NEPA process (environmental impact statements, (EISs), environmental assessments, EAs), or categorical exclusions, (CEs) and result in a record of decision (ROD), decision notice (DN), or decision memo (DM), before they are ultimately implemented. You'll find the projects listed with project information and a contact person for each project.

Key Contacts

  • Alex Dunn
    Environmental/NEPA Coordinator