Land & Resources Management

This section includes information about forest planning, current projects, and forest resource management and programs.

Planning:  The 2005 Revision of the Land and Resource Management Plan for the Bighorn National Forest established the primary management direction for the entire forest, providing a framework for what we do and where we do it. All other plans tier to the Forest Plan.  

Projects:  Projects are proposed actions that are analyzed through the National Environmental Policy Act process (environmental impact statement, environmental assessment, or categorical exclusion) that involve analyzing different alternatives to the proposed action, require public involvement, and result in a decision (record of decision, decision notice, or decision memo), which may be subject to an administrative appeals process and then is ultimately implemented on the ground.

Resource management:  This is the day-to-day management that Forest Service personnel undertake to utilze and protect the resources such as timber, recreation, and watersheds for current and future generations.  

Geospatial data:  A wide variety of geospatial data is available for the Bighorn National Forest. Examples include the forest/grassland boundary, Forest Service land ownership, roads and trails, vegetation, water-related data (streams, lakes) and many others.


Bighorn National Forest completes travel analysis

The Bighorn National Forest has completed an analysis of the Bighorn's road system as required by the 2005 Travel Management Rule. The road-by-road analysis weighed the benefits and risks for each road. The Travel Analysis Report describes recommendations - not decisions - for future projects.