Land & Resources Management

This section includes information about forest planning, current projects and forest resource management and programs.

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Planning - Travel Analysis

The Bridger-Teton National Forest has completed a travel analysis process in accordance with Federal Regulation 36 CFR 212.5 (b).  The Travel Analysis Report dated October 2015 is posted for the convenience of the public and of forest staff in evaluating recommendations and implementing prospective changes to the transportation system  This travel analysis report and accompanying maps are planning documents that will be used to inform future National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) travel management decisions including: identification of the minimum road system, identification of unneeded roads to be decommissioned or converted to other uses, and other changes to National Forest System roads which may include revisions to Motor Vehicle Use designation.  Roads identified as likely needed or likely not needed on reports or maps are under consideration; but no decision will be made to implement recommendations or decommission roads without further public involvement and NEPA analysis.  Comments or questions regarding the Bridger-Teton National Forest’s travel analysis process may be directed to Mike Oltman, Engineering and Minerals Staff Officer,, 307-739-5445.




Current and recent projects page including those in the developing stages, under analysis, completed analysis, on hold, cancelled, and project archive page.

Resource Management:

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ESRI (GIS Software) and Google Earth Version of Forest GIS downloadable data:

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  •   Greater Yellowstone Quad Index
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