Land & Resources Management

This section includes forest planning, current projects, information about resource management, and available geospatial data.

Here is how the land and resources management information is organized in this section:

Forest Planning

Look here for planning documents that guide management of the national forest. The focus is at a broad scale: regional, forest-wide, or landscape (watershed) level. The Cherokee National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan, forest plan monitoring reports, and other assessments and planning documents are available.

Travel Management

Thank you to all who contributed to the forest-wide road study also known as the Travel Analysis Process.  The Forest Service has released all the Travel Analysis Reports that analyze the existing National Forest road system and identifies opportunities to achieve a more ecologically and economically sustainable road system for each National Forest and Grassland.

These reports are part of a nationwide requirement and are not decision documents--instead, they provide an analysis of the road system as it exists today.  All future proposed actions and decisions will allow for further oppotunities for public input and engagement at the project-level under National Environmental Policy Act processes.

Travel Analysis Report Documents

If you have a specific question on a road, trail, or area you may contact the Cherokee National Forest at:

  • Watauga Ranger District – Unicoi, TN: 423-735-1500
  • Unaka Ranger District – Greeneville, TN: 423-638-4109
  • Tellico Ranger District – Tellico Plains, TN: 423-253-8400
  • Ocoee Ranger District – Benton, TN: 423-338-3300
  • Forest  Supervisor’s Office—Cleveland, TN: 423-476-9729

You may email questions to FS-Mailroom r8 Cherokee.  Please include "Cherokee NF TAR" in the subject line of your email correspondence.

Current Projects

Find information here about specific projects that the Cherokee National Forest is evaluating, planning, or actively implementing. The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) and NEPA projects documentation, including supporting maps and documents are available. More..

Resource Management

Other resource management program information is available including: timber resources, silviculture, native plant restoration, hydrology, fish & wildlife management, and botany. More..

Geospatial Data

Find information about how to download available GIS (Geographic Information System) data for the Cherokee National Forest.


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