Land & Resources Management

This section includes information and links to forest planning, current projects, resource management programs and geospatial data for the Chugach National Forest.


A forest land and resource management plan, or forest plan, provides integrated, forest-wide guidance for all forest uses and activities on National Forest System lands. Here is information on forest plan revision, amendments, landscape assessments, inventory and monitoring, and other current planning efforts.


Before projects can be implemented on the National Forest, environmental effects must be analyzed and disclosed to the public. The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) provides the status of various project environmental analyses in the Chugach National Forest.

Resource Management

The Forest Service manages National Forest System lands to provide goods and services while protecting ecosystems of the forest. Here are links to some of the important resources of the Chugach National Forest and how they are being managed.

Geospatial Data

Geographic Information Systems or GIS are computer systems, software and data used to analyze and display spatial or locational data about features on the earth’s surface. One of the strengths of GIS is the capability to overlay or compare multiple feature layers. A user can then analyze the relationship between the layers.