Land & Resources Management

“Caring for the land and serving people” requires a considerable amount of planning and interaction with other agencies, American Tribes, individuals and organizations. The Daniel Boone National Forest is managed to maintain, improve and sustain forest health, diversity and productivity for the benefit of current and future generations. Natural resources that are managed on the forest include vegetation, water, soil, wildlife, air and minerals.

The Forest Service uses two levels of planning. Forest level PLANNING takes a programmatic look and provides direction for site-specific PROJECT planning.


The Daniel Boone National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan, referred to as the Forest Plan, provides direction in the form of desired conditions. Landscape assessments take an all-lands approach at evaluating the existing condition of a landscape, comparing it to desired conditions from the Forest Plan, and identifying potential management actions. Monitoring Reports and other assessments are also available online.

Forest Plan Amendment

Since the Forest Plan was signed in 2004, there have been changes in the science applicable to the management of bat habitat, changes to the number of threatened and endangered species, and additional designations of critical habitats on the Forest.

The Daniel Boone National Forest is proposing to amend the 2004 Daniel Boone National Forest Land Management Plan (Forest Plan) according to direction in the 2012 Planning Rule (36 CFR 219). A date to proceed with a Forest Plan Amendment has yet to be determined.


Resource specialists evaluate, plan and implement forest management activities. The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) and supporting NEPA documents are available.

Resource Management

The Daniel Boone National Forest is a working forest that provides multiple uses and multiple products. The forest provides diverse habitats for the plant and animal communities of eastern Kentucky. 

Timber Sales Information


Jellico IRMS Assessment

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The Daniel Boone National Forest, Stearns Ranger District, is assessing the Jellico area and seeking input for potential projects to move the area towards the desired future condition as described in the Forest Plan. Information will be shared on this page to make it easy for anyone to engage regardless of when they join us in this process.