Land & Resources Management

The Dakota Prairie Grasslands is committed to providing quality land and resource management that supports multiple use of the grasslands. Land and resource management activities on the Dakota Prairie Grasslands are intended to support sustainable grazing, mineral development, recreation, and wildlife habitat, while managing a heritage program that fosters personal connections between our public and the heritage resources on the grasslands. The National Forest Management Act (NFMA) is the foundation for the management plans of each district. These plans set management, protection, and use goals and guidelines in support of the Forest Service mission. Our resource specialists identify actions needed to guide the Grasslands toward the desired future conditions that are identified in our Land and Resource Management Plan, commonly referred to as the Grasslands Plan.

Members of the public can provide valuable input for proposed management actions during project planning using the process established through the National Environmental Policy Act. Click on the "Projects" tab at the left to view a schedule of proposed actions.

National Grasslands Primer

The National Grasslands Primer is the document that identifies and interprets the laws and regulations applicable to administration of National Grasslands.

Northern Great Plains Management Plans Revisions

The Northern Great Plains Management Plans Revision process led to decisions for three Forest Service units-- the Dakota Prairie Grasslands, Nebraska National Forest, and Thunder Basin National Grasslands. Nearly 3 million acres of national grasslands and forests across the Northern Great Plains were included in the combined planning effort. The process allowed for consideration of local differences and unique needs in the development of each plan. View the Northern Great Plains Management Plans Revision

Multiple Use

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Land and resource management activities also include maintaining healthy habitat for grasslands species, protection of paleontological, cultural, and heritage resources.


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National grasslands are mandated to include grassland agriculture in the principles of multiple-use management. Livestock grazing on the Dakota Prairie Grasslands supports approximately 650 working ranches and is a useful tool for managing the grassland ecosystem. You can learn more about the livestock grazing program here.

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Sand Creek Drilling

Productive and sustainable forests and grasslands contribute to sustainable communities. Balancing the need for economic development with active management in order to maintain healthy grassland ecosystems is a key aspect of Oil and gas development activities. You can learn more about oil and gas development on the grasslands here.


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Recreation opportunities abound on the Grasslands. Recreation activities provide valuable revenue and employment opportunities to local communities each year.

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