Land & Resources Management

Image showing mountain in the backgound and a open field in the foreground


Welcome to the Land and Resources Management page. This section includes information about forest planning, current projects, forest resource management, and available geospatial data.


This section contains planning documents that guide how the national forest is managed.


Find information and links to some of the Fishlake National Forest projects that are on-going or some past projects. Documents such as environmental analyses, decision notices, or other project documentation are available.

Resource Management

Find links and information to some to some of the Fishlake National Forest programs areas like timber, range, wildlife and fire.

Geospatial Data

Find links for on-line Geospatial (GIS) data for the National Forest.

Fire Management

This section contains information about the Fire Management Program on the Forest


White-Nose Syndrome

Currently, the Intermountain Region has no cave or mine closures due to White–Nose Syndrome, which is a devastating fungal disease killing bats without species discrimination. 

Fish Lake Basin Fuel Treatment Project

The Fish Lake Basin Fuels Treatment Project was initiated to help reduce the effects of a wildland fire to homeowners, lodges, campgrounds and other infrastructure.