Land & Resources Management

National Forests were established to provide watershed protection and continual forest resources for the nation. The Green Mountain National Forest (GMNF) manages for both the present and future generations. Forest resources, including wildlife habitat, wilderness, clean water, timber and forest products, and recreation opportunities are conserved through a balance of activities and uses.

Management of our Forest is guided by the GMNF Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan), which was most recently revised in 2006.  The Forest Plan is strategic in nature, with an emphasis on ecological, social, and economic sustainability over the long-term.  Actual implementation of the Forest Plan is ongoing at the site-specific level through multiple resource management project activities.  We invite you to stay informed and involved as we move ahead with site-specific project planning under the direction of our 2006 Forest Plan.


West Branch White River Restoration

Learn about the restoration of the West Branch of the White River in the aftermath of Tropical Storm Irene in central Vermont.