Land & Resources Management

Prescribed Fire - Winston RoadPrescribed Fires

The U.S. Forest Service uses prescribed fire as a management tool on National Forest System lands.  When burns occurr an alert will be posted the day of the burn for recreation areas located near the burn where visitors may smell or see smoke - visit the Alerts and Notices section to see any alerts posted.   For more information on Prescribed Fire visit:


vicinity map of the Huron-Manistee National Forests, showing ranger district areas.





Monitoring and Evaluation Reports (html)

2006 Forest Land and Resource Management Plan - Amended 2012 (html)

There are several authorities that direct forest planning efforts at the forest level:

  • National Forest Management Act (NFMA)/Forest Planning (html)
  • National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) (html)
  • A Citizens Guide to the NEPA (PDF) - Council of Environmental Quality

Enbridge Decision

  • Final Opinion of the Sixth Circuit Court (pdf)


The Forests are moving to a new system for posting projects to the web.  The new system will allow visitors to search for projects by name, status, management unit and by purpose.  The old project pages for each individual district and the forest-wide/multi-district page are still available by selecting the link to the left "Old Project Pages" or the spotlight link below "Old Project Pages".  These pages will be phased out as projects are either moved to the new system or are archived and projects are moved into the new system.  If you have a particular page bookmarked, you may have to update your link.



Travel Management

Thank you to all who contributed to the road study (also known as the Travel Analysis). The Forest Service has released all the Travel Analysis Reports that analyze the existing roads systems and identify opportunities to achieve a more sustainable road system for each National Forest and Prairie.  These reports are part of a nationwide requirement and are not decision documents—instead, they provide an analysis of the road system as it exists today.  All future proposed actions and decisions will involve further opportunities for public input and engagement at the project-level under National Environmental Policy Act processes.



Forest Proximity Map with Ranger District boundaries

This link will take you to the new projects page.  To find a project for a specific District you will need to sort by Management Unit.

Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan)

This link will take you to the Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan).