Land & Resources Management

Forest Plan

This Plumas National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan) directs the management of the Plumas National Forest and 15,000 acres of the Lassen National Forest. The purpose is to guide efficient use and protection of Forest resources, fulfill legislative requirements, and balance local, regional, and national needs.

Forest Projects

The US Forest Service conducts land management activities to reduce hazardous fuels, improve forest health, support the local communities, provide access needed to meet other project objectives and reduce transportation system impacts.

Plumas National Forest Public Motorized Travel Management (Travel Management Rule – Subpart B)

The Plumas National Forest (PNF) has completed the second phase of its travel management planning effort (36 CFR §212, Travel Management Regulations- Subpart B) establishing a baseline forest transportation system for motorized vehicles.  The decision designates roads and trails as open to motor vehicle use and prohibits cross-country travel. Forest Supervisor Alice Carlton signed the Record of Decision on August 30, 2010.

Schedule of Proposed Actions

The current SOPA Report contains a list of proposed actions that will begin or are currently undergoing environmental analysis and documentation.

Watershed Restoration on the Plumas National Forest

Ecological RestorationThe Plumas National Forest has developed an active and robust program to improve watershed condition on Forest system lands. Consistent with the Pacific Southwest Region’s primary focus on ecological restoration, the Forest’s watershed restoration program works collaboratively with partnership organizations and local stakeholders to increase protection of riparian and aquatic ecosystems and enhance watershed condition so that clean water and quality habitat is available for recreationists, water users, and wildlife.


Ecological Restoration Implementation Plan

In March 2011 the Pacific Southwest Region of the US Forest Service released a statement of its Leadership Intent for Ecological Restoration, which laid out the Region's guiding vision and goals for its stewardship of wildland and forests for the next 15-20 years. This plan reflects the Regional leadership's current thinking on how the Leadership Intent will be implemented.

Feather River Ranger District Collaborative

The Feather River Ranger District has formed a new collaborative in an effort to provide a venue and opportunity for any interested or concerned citizen or stakeholder to be involved in the active and adaptive management of lands on the Feather River Ranger District.