Land & Resources Management

Upper Monument Creek PPRDEach national forest and grassland is governed by a management plan in accordance with the National Forest Management Act (NFMA). These plans set management, protection, and use goals and guidelines. Monitoring conditions on a forest or grassland ensures projects are done in accordance with plan direction, and determines effects that might require a change in management.

Forest Planning

Look here for planning documents that guide how the national forest is managed. The focus is at a broad scale: regional, forest-wide, or landscape (watershed) level.

Current Projects

Find information here about specific projects that the PSICC is evaluating, planning, or actively implementing. The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) and NEPA projects documentation including supporting maps and documents are available.

Resource Management

Resource management information is available including: geological resources, plants, ecology, heritage. and wildlife information.

Geospatial Data

More information about available GIS (Geographic Information System) data is available.


Waldo Canyon Fire Recovery

Basins require intensive hand  and heavy equipment work.

The Waldo Canyon Fire of 2012 on the Pike National Forest and surrounding area is regarded as one of the most destructive wildfires in Colorado history. A year later the Forest Service continues to work with multiple partners to mitigate remaining threats to nearby communities due to the fire damage.

Project Spotlights

San Carlos Greenhorn Blowdown, Spruce Beetle Forest Management Project

Project Summary not available


North Rampart Range Motorized Trail and Road Analysis -Main

The primary purpose of the project is to develop an OHV vehicle trail and road system that is safe and responsive to public needs and desires, is affordable and efficiently managed, and protects sensitive resources.


  • Land Areas of the National Forest System (NFS)
    Find out how many NFS land acres for each National Forest, National Grassland, National Wilderness Area and National Wild, Scenic, and Recreation Rivers by county, congressional district, region, state and multiple states.