Land & Resources Management

Francis Marion National Forest

Cypress KneesFew national forests offer the range of ecosystems that the Francis Marion does. From its open pine forests to its sultry moss-draped swamps, this coastal wonderland offers a visitor the unique opportunity to: hike miles through stately longleaf pine stands; peer into the rich, salt-scented, wildlife-rich depths of a marsh at low tide; or paddle into the mysterious heart of the swampy, blackwater jungle—all in a single visit. (more)

Sumter National Forest

Lee Falls/ Bill CrakThe Sumter National Forest lies within both the Blue Ridge (Andrew Pickens Ranger District) and the piedmont (Long Cane and Enoree ranger districts) areas in South Carolina where variations in elevation lead to differences in the natural resources across the forest. (more)


Travel Management on the Francis Marion and Sumter Forests

Old Georgetown Rd photo

TAP is intended to identify opportunities to assist managers in addressing the unique ecological, economic and social conditions on the National Forests and Grasslands related to the road system. In addition, TAP and corresponding Travel Analysis Reports (TARs) are not intended to be one time analyses. They are meant to be updated over time as social, economic and environmental conditions and management considerations influencing our road system change.


Fire: the Good and the Bad

After the burn

If you live near a forested area, there are things you can do to lessen the danger of wildfire to your home and property.