Land & Resources Management

Welcome to the Land and Resources Management page. This page of our website links you to information on forest planning, current projects, resource management, and available geospatial data. Use the links below to visit these sections.


Forest Plan Revision: consider the future of the Sequoia and be involved!

The Sequoia National Forest is one of three national forests in the Pacific Southwest Region of the Forest Service preparing to revise its Forest Plan using the 2012 Planning Rule. The revision process involves three stages: assessment of forest resource condition and trend, development of a revised plan, and monitoring the implementation and effectiveness of plan direction. The assessment phase has been completed with the publishing of the final bio-regional assessment and final Sequoia National Forest assessment. We are committed to collaboration and strengthening the role of public involvement and dialogue throughout the plan revision process. The Sequoia National Forest welcomes and invites you to be involved in its collaborative forest plan revision process.

The formal NEPA process has begun with the publishing of the Notice of Intent to prepare an environmental impact statement. A scoping letter and detailed Proposed Action have been sent to interested parties and are available on the Forest Plan Revision webpage.

The Sequoia National Forest plan revision team held an open house meeting November 18, 2014 at the Forest Supervisor's Office in Porterville, CA. This "open house" style meeting gave the team an opportunity to share the issues and concerns the agency heard during the scoping phase. The meeting was also an opportunity for the public to hear discussion on how those issues and concerns are being used to frame a preliminary range of alternatives. There was no formal comment period associated with the meeting.

In September, the Forest Service announced its intent to develop an environmental impact statement (EIS) that, when completed, will revise forest plans for the Inyo, Sequoia, and Sierra National Forests.

The final EIS will result in three separate plans with three Records of Decision following the revised forest plans.  Forest Supervisors will remain the “responsible official” for making decisions on their specific forest plans. Please see the Forest Plan Revision webpage for the documents and how to comment.


Projects are proposed actions analyzed through the National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) process that require public notice and comment, involve analyzing different alternatives to the proposed action (EIS, EA, or CE), and result in a NEPA decision (ROD, DN, or DM). Decisions are subject to an administrative appeals process before they are implemented on the ground.

Find the status of, and information and documents for, current projects in Sequoia National Forest. Documents for these projects include those for scoping, analysis, decisions, and other supporting documentation as available.

Resource Management

The Forest Service manages the national forests for a number of multiple uses, including recreation, wilderness, minerals, water, grazing, fish, wildlife, and timber. Click on this link for more information on how these resources are managed in the Sequoia National Forest.

Geospatial Data

Find links to download selected geographic information system (GIS) datasets for the Sequoia National Forest and other national forests in the Pacific Southwest Region. The scale at which the GIS data was developed depends upon the subject and type of data. This section also supplies contact information for answers to geospatial data questions.


Ecological Restoration Implementation Plan

In March 2011 the Pacific Southwest Region of the US Forest Service released a statement of its Leadership Intent for Ecological Restoration, which laid out the Region's guiding vision and goals for its stewardship of wildland and forests for the next 15-20 years. This plan reflects the Regional leadership's current thinking on how the Leadership Intent will be implemented.