Land & Resources Management

Sunshine in the Forest

The 2006 Shawnee National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan (Forest Plan) describes land management goals, objectives and outcomes.  It is in the “Record of Decision” where we learn why there is a need for change through active management.  It states:

“This Forest is at a critical juncture in its management history. We can continue to allow it to evolve with only natural processes to determine its future, or we can be proactive and manage it to achieve a diverse and healthy forest ecosystem with a diversity of age-classes and plant and animal species. If we severely restrict management for another 15 years, as would occur under Alternative 3, the consequences are likely to be detrimental to certain species and adverse to diversity over the long term."

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Keeping a Keystone Species Alive in the Shawnee National Forest

outliner of Illinois with Illinois Forestry Association text

IL. Forestry Assoc. newsletter (see p.13) explains how management efforts in Bean Ridge combat the decline of oak trees & results in improving forest health.


Upcoming Projects

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Planned and proposed projects.

Forest Activities

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Information about current & past land management activities.


Fire Management

Fire Fighter using a drip torch to light a prescribed burn area

Explore how we use fire in land mgmt., monitor smoke and more.

2006 Forest Plan

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A guide to Forest management activities.