Land & Resources Management

The managing agency for the Shawnee National Forest is the U.S.D.A. Forest Service who's mission is "Caring for the Land and Serving People".  Shawnee National Forest lands is interdispersed with public lands and in total contains approximately 280,000 acres.  One of the largest public land entities in Illinois, the Forest is managed for multiple uses, such as, recreation, hunting, wildlife, timber, forest products, archeaological values, etc.  Visitors may notice management projects in progress at any given time throughout the year.   

To learn more about how your national forest is being managed, click on one of the projects below or use the left-sidebar navigation for: Forest Planning, Forest Projects,  Forest Resource Mgmt. or Geospatial Data.


Minerals and Oil & Gas

Mineral Oil Gas program

Information and maps on minerals and oil and gas ownership in the Shawnee National Forest. 


Biological Hot Spots

Macro image of pink flowers

Often called biological hot spots, natural areas support so many species that scientists call them genetic banks.

Invasive Species Management

NNIS garlic mustard

Learn more about the Shawnee's Invasive Species Management Plan.


Central Hardwoods Ecosystem Vulnerability Assessment and Synthesis

State outlines of IL, IN, and Ohio with sharded area of where hardwood forests are.

Published by U.S. Forest Service-Northern Research Station, this document assesses the vulnerability of the region’s forest ecosystems & its ability to adapt to a changing climate.

Let the Sun Shine In

Let the sun shine in.

Open forests contain wildflowers and grasses for pollinators, such as butterflies and bees.

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