Land & Resources Management

Gunbarrel Fire 2008


Each national forest and grassland is governed by a management plan in accordance with the National Forest Management Act (NFMA). These plans set management, protection, and use goals and guidelines. Monitoring conditions on a forest or grassland ensures projects are done in accordance with plan direction, and determines effects that might require a change in management.

Appeals & Litigation

Forest Service managers make many resource management decisions, which may be subject to appeal (request to a higher authority for administrative review of a decision).


Travel Management planning

Due to high turnover in staff, this project has been deferred until at least the 4th quarter of 2019.

Shoshone National Forest has begun the Travel Management planning process, which will designate a sustainable system of roads, trails, and areas open for motor vehicle.


Aquatic Invasive Species

A forest worker holding didymo

Aquatic invasive species can threaten the water resources on the Shoshone National Forest. 

Bark Beetle Epidemic

Photo of a bark beetle on a tree

Pine beetles are killing trees at epidemic levels and will affect the landscape for years to come.