Land & Resources Management

Gunbarrel Fire 2008

Each national forest and grassland is governed by a management plan in accordance with the National Forest Management Act (NFMA). These plans set management, protection, and use goals and guidelines. Monitoring conditions on a forest or grassland ensures projects are done in accordance with plan direction, and determines effects that might require a change in management.

Appeals & Litigation

Forest Service managers make many resource management decisions, which may be subject to appeal (request to a higher authority for administrative review of a decision).


Travel Management planning

Shoshone National Forest has begun the Travel Management planning process, which will designate a sustainable system of roads, trails, and areas open for motor vehicle.


Aquatic Invasive Species

A forest worker holding didymo

Aquatic invasive species can threaten the water resources on the Shoshone National Forest. 

Bark Beetle Epidemic

Photo of a bark beetle on a tree

Pine beetles are killing trees at epidemic levels and will affect the landscape for years to come.