Land & Resources Management

Three million acres of land, water, rock, and trees cover the Superior National Forest located in northeastern Minnesota's arrowhead region.  The Forest spans 150 miles along the United States-Canadian border.  This three million-acre Forest is a rich and varied resource.  The Forest provides pulpwood and sawtimber to the forest products industry.  Visitors can find recreation opportunities year-round, including travel in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness. Over 445,000 acres or 625 square miles of the Forest is surface water.  In addition, more than 1300 miles of cold water streams and 950 miles of warm water streams flow within the boundaries of the Superior National Forest, providing abundant fish habitat. The northern forest community thrives with its pine, fir, and spruce trees and is home to numerous wildlife species including deer, moose, and black bear.  Northern Minnesota is home to Canada lynx and gray wolf, and is a key area for the recovery of both species in the lower 48 states.

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The Forest Service has completed and released all of the Travel Analysis Reports that analyze existing Forest Roads systems to identify opportunities to achieve a sustainable road system for each National Forest and Prairie. A copy of the Superior National Forest report is available on this website.



The Superior Research Reader provides a summary of research on a wide range of topics relevant to management on the Forest. Past and current editions are available for your reading enjoyment

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Research on the Superior National Forest

Here are some research projects occurring on the Superior National Forest.