Land & Resources Management

North Fork John DayThis section includes forest planning, current projects, information about resource management, and available geospatial data.

Here is how the land and resources management information is organized in this section:

Forest Planning

Look here for planning documents that guide management of the national forest. The focus is at a broad scale: regional, forest-wide, or landscape (watershed) level. The Umatilla National Forest Land and Resource Management Plan, forest plan monitoring reports, and other assessments and planning documents are available.

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Current Projects

Find information here about specific projects that the Umatilla National Forest is evaluating, planning, or actively implementing. The Schedule of Proposed Actions (SOPA) and NEPA projects documentation, including supporting maps and documents are available.

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Resource Management

Other resource management program information is available including: timber resources, silviculture, native plant restoration, hydrology, fish & wildlife management, and botany.

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Geospatial Data

Find information about how to download available GIS (Geographic Information System) data for the Umatilla National Forest.

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Tollgate Analysis Area

The Walla Walla Ranger District of the Umatilla National Forest is conducting an assessment process to identify fuels reduction and forest stand density projects in the Tollgate area.

Potamus Fuels Reduction Project

In 2001, Morrow County's Community Wildfire Protection Plan (CWPP) identified the Penland Lake Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) area as a priority for fuels reduction treatment to lessen the impact of wildfire on lives, property, and the landscape.

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Key Contacts

Brian Goff, Integrated Veg. Management Staff
Katherine Richardson, NEPA Coordinator

Timber Resources
Attn: Kone Hancock
72510 Coyote Road
Pendleton, OR 97801

Paula Brooks

Megan Lowell (Acting)

Fish Biologist
Kathy Ramsey

Wildlife Biologist
Lizzy Berkley

Hydrology Contacts

Supervisors office 
Forest Hydrologist, Joy Archuleta
Forest Soil Scientist, Jim Archuleta
Water Lab, Dolly Robison

Pomeroy and Walla Walla Ranger Districts

North Zone Hydrologist (at Walla Walla), Zig Napkora

Heppner and North Fork John Day Ranger Districts

South Zone Hydrologist (at NFJD), Ed Farren
Hydro Tech, Tom Fritz