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Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER)

Wildfires can create situations requiring special efforts to prevent further catastrophic damage after the fire. Loss of vegetation exposes soil to erosion, runoff may increase and cause flash flooding, and sediments may move downstream and damage houses or fill reservoirs, thus putting endangered species and community water supplies at risk.

The Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER) program addresses these situations with the goal of protecting life, property, water quality, and deteriorated ecosystems from further damage after the fire is out. Concern for possible post-fire effects on fish, wildlife, archaeological sites, and endangered species are often the primary considerations when developing a BAER plan.

Travel Management

[PHOTO: Mt. Thielsen with highway leading to it.]

The Umpqua National Forest published Motor Vehicle Use Maps in May 2016. The black and white maps are free. They show you where it is legal to drive on the Umpqua National Forest. Our Travel Analysis Report outlining the existing road systems and opportunities to reach a more sustainable system of roads for the Umpqua National Forest as of June 2015 is available.