Wonders of the Night Sky

The Northern Lights, which are also known as the Aurora Borealis, is a phenomenon known throughout the northern skies.

Oak Tree Planting

Mention tree planting on a national forest, and most people imagine pine seedlings. In 2019, the Chippewa National Forest planted 1.5 million seedlings, many of which were red and white pine.

Bats and Kids on the Night Trail

I ask the same question every year to volunteers at the annual Howl O Ween event at Shingobee Hills on the Chippewa National Forest. What do pumpkins have to do with a Forest Service program?

If it is a good place to camp...

There is an old adage that “if it’s a good place to camp today, then someone probably camped there before.” This “hypothesis” was recently explored on the Forest.

Cheer your Peers – Past, Present, and Future

Last week Chippewa National Forest employees took some time out of their busy schedules to celebrate a very productive and successful year (FY 19). 

Miami to Minnesota: Connecting Youth to Healthy Lifestyles

It’s not unusual to see Minnesotans heading south to spend their winters in Florida, but it is unique to welcome someone from Miami to the Forest for the winter.

Water Quality Best Management Practices Monitoring

The Chippewa National Forest monitors water quality best management practices (BMPs) for a wide range of natural resource projects it implements in any given year.

Nanda-gikendan, seek to know it, seek to learn it

Millie Baird, acting Forest tribal relations liaison, and her family attended the second annual Nanda-gikendan, seek to know it, seek to learn it, event.

Free Books for Outdoor Kids!

One of the great things about working on the Forest over the years is the relationships developed with people and communities.

New Acquisition Parcels on the Chippewa

This summer the Chippewa National Forest completed acquisitions of two new parcels adding 47.2 acres to Forest managed lands now totaling 672,167.2 acres.

A visit to Marcell Experimental Forest

Over two dozen folks from the Chippewa and Superior National Forests, Natural Resources Conservation Service, Youth Conservation Corps, and GeoCorps visited the Marcell Experimental Forest.

GIS Efforts

September 11, 2001 is a day that many will never forget. After the terrorist attacks on our World Trade Center and the Pentagon, three Chippewa employees were there to help.


Angela Schmitt, Senior Firefighter on the Deer River District, recently completed an assignment as a mentor for the Women in Wildfire (WIWF) program on the Cibola National Forest.

Naturalist Life

We are Kasey and Maggie, the summer naturalists. This summer we served in the Conservation Corps Minnesota & Iowa in partnership with Chippewa National Forest.

Things are buzzing on the Chippewa National Forest

Things have been buzzing on the Forest as US Forest Service employees have been conducting bee surveys throughout the Chippewa National Forest.

Smokey’s 75th Birthday Celebrated Across the Forest!

Every August, the Chippewa National Forest celebrates Smokey’s birthday with cake and a song, but this year, with Smokey turning 75, we needed to do a little extra.

Firewood Restrictions

CLOSURE ORDER bans the possession, storage, or transport of any firewood.  Don't move firewood!  Burn it where you buy it!

Fishing on the Chippewa

The 71st Annual Minnesota Governor’s Fishing Opener will be held May 11-13, 2018 in the Willmar Lakes Area, including the communities of Willmar, Spicer, and New London.


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