• Dispersed Camping Recommended Sites

    There are several notable dispersed camping areas on the Coconino. Some allow open camping, while others allow camping only in designated campsites. Help keep these areas open and accessible to everyone: follow the rules listed on the Motor Vehicle Use Map when driving in the forest (essentially, cross-country travel in a motorized vehicle is prohibited), and always drown campfires out cold to the touch.

  • Northern Arizona’s invasive species to know

    As the natural distribution of species shifts historically, opportunistic invasive and dramatic climactic changes are contributing to sizable disruptions of native species in Arizona. Learn some of the big names in invasive species to prevent them from invading further! 

  • Red Rock Country Trail Maps

    Heading to Sedona or Oak Creek Canyon for to hike, bike, or take the horse out for a ride? Download the new Red Rock Country trails maps! Six maps show detailed trails and recreation site information for Oak Creek Canyon and the Red Rock Country around Sedona. Plus, find recreation guides, trail descriptions, maps, and more!

  • Fossil Creek: Geology In Real Time [Payson Roundup]

    Fossil Creek, whose waters were diverted for nearly a 100 years to generate electricity now flows free as an officially designated Wild & Scenic River. Home for only native fish, Fossil Creek waters are once again doing what they have done for thousands of years — slowly building back the travertine deposits that formed the many terraces and pools that existed when Fossil Creek was first discovered — from which it drew its name. Article by by Greg McKelvey, geologist and president of Rim Country Camera Club appeared in the Payson Roundup on April 5, 2016

  • If you fly, we can't! Do not interfere with wildfire fighting operations!

    When you fly your remote controlled quadcopter, helicopter, or other aircraft around a wildfire, you are endangering lives and property. Your RC aircraft poses a serious danger to the emergency aircraft and firefighting crew both in the air and on the ground. When you fly, we must ground our helicopters to keep from further endangering the lives and safety of fire fighters, pilots, and everyone else in the area.

    Whether you are an enthusiast or a member of the media, flying an RC aircraft around a wildfire interferes with critical emergency operations. Quadcopters being flown around a wildfire has already created situations that resulted in serious property damage.