Road closures on the national forest

For the convenience of visitors, a new interactive map is available to help understand temporary road closures.

Conservation Partners Save Georgia Aster from Endangered Status

The wide-spread but rare Georgia aster was headed for the endangered species list. Find out how the effective work of several groups have lead to a good recovery. 

Outdoor Tips for Visitors

Preparedness is the key to having a good and safe time outdoors. Before you head out on your next forest adventure, be sure to prepare for any surprises or challenges.

Wildlife Habitat Improvement Project Yields Tangible Results

Investing in wildlife habitat improvement not only benefits the wildlife, it also improves our quality of life and can stimulate the local outdoor sporting industry. Win, win, win.

Interactive Maps Take You to Your Recreation Destination

Our Maps & Publications page provides links to all our map resources including interactive maps for all our recreation areas.

2018 Motor Vehicle Use Maps are here

These free motor vehicle use maps are legal documentation displaying the roads and trails that are open to public motor vehicle use.

Rare Golden Eagle tagged in Northwest Georgia

After 3 years of photographing Golden Eagles in the Chattahoochee National Forest at a site near Dalton, researchers were finally able to capture and tag one of the elusive birds.

Wilderness Rangers Pay It Forward

The next time you visit the Chattahoochee National Forest, you might be fortunate enough to run into Casey and James -- our SAWS Rangers who are dedicated to wilderness stewardship.

Responding to Ips Bark Beetles

The U.S. Forest Service is moving quickly to assess and respond to an outbreak of Ips bark beetles in central Georgia.

Ginseng Harvesting on the Chattahoochee National Forest

With the increasing demand for Ginseng from around the world threatening the domestic supply of this local plant, the Forest Service is managing the harvest and enforcing the laws.

New archeology work at 17th century American Indian site

Around the year A.D. 1600, a house burned at a family farmstead in a remote valley in Northeast Georgia. 

Hemlocks in Peril

Hemlocks of Georgia are plagued by hemlock woolly adelgid, a tiny non-native insect that quickly kills trees once they become infested. Research and strategies are providing a new hope.

Connecting young Georgians to their national forest

The Georgia Mountains Children’s Forest Network creates opportunities for young Georgians to experience and explore the national forest in their backyard.

Partners create new model for heavily used Appalachian Trail

A beloved trail suffering from heavy, concentrated use. A solution leveraging strengths, partnerships and new ideas.

Are You Picking Up Hitch Hikers You Don't Even Know About?

When you travel from one area to another, it's possible you may have picked up insects or other diseases without knowing it. Learn about this important issue.

A Forest for Every Classroom

Free teacher workshops emphasize hands-on learning experiences outside the classroom door. Learn more!

Trail Volunteers Work in the Footsteps of John Muir

The Logan Turnpike Trail follows the route of an early 1800′s toll road once traversed and written about by John Muir. Learn about efforts to preserve it.

Improving Trails through Collaboration: Aska Trail System

Recently, the Aska Trail System near Blue Ridge, GA underwent major improvements designed to increase safety and sustainability. 

Regional Resource Advisory Committee

Want your voice heard in USFS recreation fees? We're seeking nominations now. 

Wildlife Benefit from Spring Prescribed Fires

Carefully planned and controlled prescribed fire during the spring growing season can provide ideal habitat conditions for wild turkey and other wildlife.

Gun Laws: Just the facts

Wondering where guns are allowed on the Chattahoochee-Oconee National Forests? See our "Guide to Firearms Use."

Community collaborates to help prevent pine beetle outbreaks

More work is needed to stave off the southern pine beetle, one of the most destructive insect pests of pines – so the agency has turned to forest stakeholders for ideas.

Recreation Fee Changes Proposed

The Forest Service is proposing fee changes to some recreation sites to establish consistent pricing across the national forest. We want to know what you think.

US Forest Service seeks applicants for recreation advisory committee

The U.S. Forest Service is seeking nominations to fill four positions on the Southern Region Recreation Resource Advisory Committee to serve national forests across the Southeast. 

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Dick Rightmyer Honored by Society of American Foresters

The Society of American Foresters recognized the work of Dick Rightmyer for his contributions to the forestry profession this year. Meet Dick and why he’s outstanding in his field.*