Every Kid Outdoor Program

Calling all U.S. 4th graders! Did you know you can earn a free pass to explore thousands of America's federal lands and water with your family and friends? Check out this cool program.

Rockhounding on the Forest

A limited collection of rocks and minerals for personal use is allowed on the Forest. Click here for a rockhounding brochure.

Tincup Restoration Project Enters Final Year

The fourth and final year of the Tincup Creek Stream Restoration Project is underway. Initiated in 2017, the large-scale, multi-phased project will improve ecosystem function. 

Using beavers to improve our Environment

Using beavers to improve our environment – the GYCC completes its Beaver Restoration Assessment Tool (BRAT)

Cruising Timber on the Palisades District

Timber and fuel crews were out cruising timber this spring in preparation for a possible sale. 

Fire Management & Aviation


Fire and Aviation is a very important subject in our forest. Click to learn more about this subject.

Bear Food Storage Order

This order is intended to reduce adverse human-grizzly bear interactions, thereby promoting human safety and the protection of bears and other wildlife species at locations in the Caribou-Targhee NF.

Poisonous Plants of Southeast Idaho

Many adults and children become seriously ill by consuming poisonous plants.  Sometimes this poisoning is accidental, and sometimes poisoning is the result of the misidentification or misuse of medicinal herbs.  We have prepared a brief field guide to the poisonous plants commonly found in Southeast Idaho.*