Court Approves Stipulation to Modify Injunction for Certain Activities

Updated: October 23, 2019

On October 23 the court issued an order approving the recently filed stipulation to modify the ongoing court-ordered injunction, allowing select timber management activities to resume. These activities include the cutting of the U.S. Capitol Christmas tree, personal Christmas tree cutting, the cutting of personal use forest products such as vigas and latillas, special product collection by tribes for ceremonial purposes, and the cutting of certain hazard trees.

We continue to extend our gratitude to our state and federal partners and countless community leaders for their continued support. We are committed to being as open and transparent as possible in notifying interested groups and individuals when we take steps aimed at alleviating the stressors of the recent court-ordered injunction.

Celebrating 75 Years of a Beloved Fire-Prevention Icon

Here in the Gila National Forest, we feel a particularly close connection to Smokey Bear and his message of fire-prevention. The Lincoln National Forest, our neighboring forest, is the home of the orphaned black bear cub that would become a living symbol. While we celebrate 75 years of Smokey Bear as an integral part of the nation’s popular culture, let’s take a look back at his captivating story!

A Path through the Wilderness: The Story of Forest Road 150

Imagine the world in 1875. The Civil War has been over for five years. The normal mode of transportation in southern New Mexico is either horseback, or a horse-drawn wagon. Black cavalry and infantry troops, known as Buffalo Soldiers, were sent to the American West to take part in the Indian wars and the protection of settlers.

Forest System Road (FSR) 150 began its life as the North Star Road in the 1870s. Used primarily as a military road, it connected several military forts and camps in the area during the Apache-U.S. Army conflicts in the late 1800s. Citizens of Grant County also thought it would provide safer passage to and from the Mimbres Valley and Silver City Area than other routes.