Be Bear Aware

New York and Vermont are home to black bears. While it is possible to encounter a black bear on the trail, most recreationists never do.

Be Weather Wise

Before heading to your National Forest, check the forecast! Check the weather at your current and destination locations. Conditions at the trailhead may differ from your destination.

Outdoor Safety

Preparation is the most effective way to prevent mishaps. Knowing the area, weather, terrain, limitations of your body, and a little common sense can help to ensure a safe and enjoyable trip.

Leave No Trace

One of the best things you can do to help care for the outdoors is practice the Leave No Trace principles. By applying these principles, we can maintain our favorite places for generations.

Winter Hiking

Whether you’re hiking in New York or Vermont, the Green Mountain Club hasplenty of useful winter recreation tips for staying safe while visiting your forests in colder months.

Christmas Tree Permits

The USDA Forest Service welcomes visitors to select and cut a Christmas tree on the Green Mountain National Forest with the purchase of a permit.

Recreating During Hunting Season

Visitors may continue to use their National Forests during hunting seasons but are encouraged to “plan ahead and prepare” accordingly.

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