Celebrate Colorado's Water

Help us celebrate Colorado's Water!  Learn more about our Forest's water resources and find links to water education programs, stewardship events and other activities.

Economic contributions of the GMUG

Ever wonder how much our national forest contributes to jobs and incomes of our local communities?  Natural resource management on the GMUG NFs provide recreational opportunities as well as timber, energy and minerals and livestock grazing. Read more on the benefits to local economies.

Field Rangers-the new face of the Forest Service

This summer, Forest Service field rangers will be mingling with visitors and helping connect people to the forest, to nature and to the mission of the Forest Service...... Caring for the land and serving the people.

Every Kid in a Park

Fourth graders- this is  the year for you and your family to explore your public lands! "Every kid in a park"  gives 4th graders and their families the opportunity to experience their public lands and waters throughout the 2016-2017 school year. Download a paper voucher and exchange it for a durable EKiP card. All fourth graders with a voucher or card get a free permit to cut a Christmas tree on  Forest Service or BLM lands.  Find out more! ....

Field Rangers - connecting you with special places on our forest!

Field rangers are the “new” face of the Forest Service, mingling with visitors and helping connect people to the forest, to nature and to the mission of the Forest Service...... Caring for the land and serving the people.

Interested in Geology?

Take a drive along one of the scenic byways on the GMUG and learn how the dynamic geology of the area has shaped the land and settlements of western Colorado. The GMUG has several road logs with descriptions of the geology of McClure Pass, Kebler Pass and the Grand Mesa. For more information on each road log click here.

Join the Lorax to discover your forest and explore all the wonder that is there!

Dr. Seuss’ The Lorax wants to ensure that trees are part of America’s landscape. Forests matter to everyone, and we must use and care for them responsibly and sustainably.  It’s a goal we all share! Explore nature and create your own adventure starting here!

Whacking Weeds in Wilderness

Citizen stewards celebrated the 50th anniversay of the Wilderness Act by putting some of the “wild” back into the Raggeds Wilderness. The weed eradication day helps ensure more quality forage to give elk a winter survival boost

Thanks for all your hard work!

Forest Service grows the next generation of land stewards through Youth Conservation Corps.

Heroes of the night!

Help make science come alive for you students-inspire them to make a difference! Project Edubat is a collaborative effort to bring bats to the classroom with newly developed bat activities, resources, lesson plans, and educational trunks that will be available across the country for your use.

Partners bridge the gap between trail safety and ATV ventures!

A new small vehicle bridge now spans Leon Creek. Riders of ATV’s and UTV’s no longer have to ford high waters of the creek crossing. Thanks to the efforts of many partners, the bridge enables safe, longer and quality ATV ventures!

New cabins available to rent!

Want to experience the great outdoors with some of the ammenities of home? Consider a stay at one of our cabin rentals. Now available is the Matterhorn Cabin 15 miles from Telluride and the Lone Cone Cabin 24 miles southeast of Norwood.

Watch out for these weeds!

 The GMUG has a number of invasive weeds we actively manage for- find out more so you can learn what to keep an eye out for next time you are out in the forest.

Our Forest and Climate Change

Climate change is one of the biggest challenges facing the world today.  Because forests and grasslands store carbon, provide clean water, and conserve wildlife habitat, they play a crucial role in a changing climate. Read more about the GMUG and climate change. Check out our Climate Change Education Resources.

Fens- unique high altitude wetlands

Unique to Colorado's Rocky Mountains, these lush wet meadows are rich in plant diversity and occur in some of the most scenic locations on our forest. Find out more...

Results of the annual aerial forest health survey

Spruce beetles continue to attack the forests of Southwest Colorado, according to the annual aerial survey. The drought, dense stands of mature trees and warm winters all make for ideal conditions for the beetles, which bore into trees to feed and lay eggs.

Local youth energize Forest Service summer projects

Are you a high school student looking for a summer job outdoors? Consider the Youth Conservation Corps (YCC) program. Last summer eight area high school students made an impact on-the-ground for our forest re-routing and maintaining hiking trails, restoring impaired wetland sites, creating check dams to improve wildlife habitat, and more - all while getting exposure to various natural resource careers with the Forest Service. For applications and contact information More on YCC summer projects.

Unaweep -Tabequache Scenic and Historic Byway

A fabulous journey through western Colorado's history, geology, culture and nature awaits you! Twisted monoliths of ancient lands bear dinosaur bones and mineral treasures, while the Hanging Flume and the Driggs Mansion tell of human endeavors in a challenging landscape. The UTB is located south of the city of Grand Junction, and passes through the communities of Gateway, Naturita, Nucla, Redvale and Norwood. More

This winter cozy up with your friends in one of our cabins

Walk out your front door, clip on your cross country skis and off you go exploring some of the most spectacular scenery in the San Juan Mountains. The Matterhorn, Lone Cone and Jackson Cabins are available to rent. Fire wood is provided! Find out more...

Our Wildflowers are spectacular!

Because of all the winter moisture, our wildflowers will be outstanding this year! Peak blooms generally occur about the middle of July each summer. The mountain passes and scenic byways are outstanding routes to get up high and enjoy the lush and colorful landscapes.

Partnerships improve popular peak trails

For those who reside in Colorado, the term “14er” holds special meaning. The word sparks images of soaring mountains, alpine vegetation and climbing accomplishments. With the hype that tends to follow recreation in Colorado, the state’s more than 50 climbable peaks over 14,000 feet act as a beacon for locals and tourists alike. The GMUG is partnering with volunteer groups to create sustainable routes for the growing demands on these peaks.   

Rent a guard station on your next visit!

Forest Service Guard Stations are excellent destinations for a weekend getaway, family reunion, or a hunting trip. Several cabins are available for weekday or weekend rental.  Outdoor opportunities are just outside your door including hiking, fishing, canoeing, mountain biking, hunting, and wildlife viewing.

High School students get into the field for invaluable experiences

The Forest Service brought local high school students into the field to assist with habitat monitoring and learn about natural resource careers through two different summer programs. More on these students and the programs....

The Benefits of Visiting National Forests!

Findings of a recent visitor survey shows U.S. Forest Service lands are great recreation destinations that provide health benefits to tourists and $11 billion in tourist spending to business and communities that serve over 160 million forest visitors nation-wide. More

The return of native cutthroat trout on the GMUG

Approximately 250 cutthroat were re-introduced into Woods Lake this summer as part of an ongoing project to restore the species to its native habitat. After the population grows in a few years, fishing at this scenic lake will be an anglers delight!

Scenic Corridors on the GMUG

Colorado has more scenic and historic byways than any other state! There’s a little something for everyone. Read more about the scenic byway routes in and around the GMUG!