Working Together


Comprehensive Trails Analysis

The Forest Service is interested in a comprehensive trails analysis of the Hiawatha National Forest's trails system. A Trails Working Group (TWG) is to be established on each of the forest's zone. We are inviting interested parties and representatives from the various trails activity groups to participate with us, providing information and ideas about potential updates to the Forest's trail systems.  It is our goal that through participation in these efforts we will be able to improve connectivity, sustainability, and the user experience across the Hiawatha National Forest trails system.

If you are interested in participating in the TWG, please reach out to one of the contacts identified on the page.

Recycling Project Idea

Looking for an interesting project for your classroom, 4H Club or other group? Instead of throwing the empty cardboard tubes from toilet paper rolls into the waste can, employees at Hiawatha National Forest's Supervisors Office routinely save and collect the tubes for donation...