Buffalo Trace Interactive Map

Whether sitting at home or out and about traveling this historic route, you can now learn more about the history that makes up the Buffalo Trace through the new Interactive Story Map. 

Houston South Project

Proposes to treat vegetation and conduct related management activities improving forest health and sustainability of the oak-hickory ecosystems while also improving wildlife habitat.

Photograph Your Forest Contest

The Hoosier National Forest is excited to announce a series of contests open to the public to capture spectacular views, special moments, and hidden gems!

Current Projects

Before certain activities can take place on the Hoosier National Forest, we complete an analysis of the potential effects and involve the public. Find out a current projects on the Hoosier.

Hoosier Highlights

Each month the Forest highlights a different aspect of its management or natural resources. These articles are great place to catch up or keep up on management activities on the Hoosier.

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