Smokey Bear Hotshots

Learn about the Lincoln's Smokey Bear Hotshots from Ruidoso - history, news, employment info and more...

The Mexican Canyon Trestle - An Engineering Marvel

Read about the history of the Mexican Canyon Trestle and view a video of this spectacular and iconic historical features of the Sacramento Mountains.

Civilian Conservation Corps: 1933-2013

Visit our CCC History page to learn more about the the CCC and on the Lincoln National Forest.  Also be sure to visit our FLICKR site containing images and memories from a CCC family.

Logging History, Companies & Products, Market Trends, Forest Management

This is a four-part spotlight that will cover different aspects of the timber industry in the Sacramento Mountains.  

Chief Tom Tidwell discusses fire

Tom Tidwell talks about the role of the U.S. Forest Service in fighting wildfires on C-Span.

Caving & White Nose Syndrome

Click here for more information about white nose bat syndrome by viewing this on-line brochure.

Bark Beetles and Drought

Learn more about Bark Beetles, how they affect certain types of trees, and how drought plays into it all.


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NM CFRP Program at Work

New Mexico's Collaborative Forest Restoration Program at Work*