Tahoe Living With Fire

Wildfire is a natural process in the Sierra Nevada. Lake Tahoe land and fire management agencies work together to educate residents and visitors on fire preparedness and fire prevention.

Keep Tahoe Bears Wild!

Lake Tahoe is bear country. When living in or visiting, always store food and garbage in bear resistant containers, keep your distance and never feed any wild animal. Learn more about peacefully coexisting with bears help keep Tahoe bears wild!

Know Before You Go

Your National Forests provide a variety of fun and exciting outdoor activities. The beauty and peacefulness of the forest may make you feel carefree, but you must remain vigilant for potentially dangerous situations. Always know before you go!

Caldor Fire and Recovery Information

The Caldor Fire began on August 14, 2021. It burned approximately 221,835 Acres of National Forest lands on the Eldorado National Forest and the Lake Tahoe Basin Management Unit. Learn more about the fire, post-fire Burned Area Emergency Response (BAER), BAER Assessment Report Summary and Caldor Fire recovery activities.

Tahoe Yellow Cress Conservation

From crystal blue waters to snow-capped peaks, Lake Tahoe is a special place. Part of what makes it special are the unique plants and animals that call the lake home. Tahoe Yellow Cress (Rorippa subumbellata) is one of these organisms. Tahoe Yellow Cress is found on the sandy shores of the Lake Tahoe Basin, and nowhere else on earth!

Western pearlshell mussels in the Tahoe Basin

The western pearlshell (Margaritifera falcata) is a freshwater mussel that is native to the Tahoe basin. The species ranges from Alaska south to central California and east to Nevada, Wyoming, Utah and Montana. Western pearlshell mussels inhabit cold creeks and rivers with clean water, where you can find them wedged between cobbles, partially burrowed in sand, underneath mats of aquatic vegetation, or beneath undercut banks. They have an average lifespan of 60 to 70 years, some living more than one hundred years, making them one of the longest-lived animal species on Earth. If you find western pearlshell mussels, please do not handle or disturb individuals due to their sensitivity and rarity in the Lake Tahoe Basin.

Wellness Outings: A prescription for “Nature as Medicine”

The Lake Tahoe Basin Managment Unit is proud to partner with Barton Health to highlight the power of Vitamin N(ature). Recovering from a major joint surgery doesn’t usually inspire the idea of snowshoeing by moonlight, but that’s exactly what Carol Bennis, age 75, was asked to do during her recovery last February. Carol had never been on snowshoes before, or hiked at night, but when she heard her surgeon and other patients at a similar stage of recovery would be there, she decided to try it out. On a clear night at Tallac Historic Site, Carol and twelve other patients joined Barton Health clinicians and Forest Service rangers on a “wellness walk” through the snow.

Super-sized goldfish pose giant problem for Lake Tahoe

The warm-water fish recently made the news when University of Nevada researchers displayed photos of an enormous goldfish found in Lake Tahoe. While the goldfish may seem innocent and beautiful in a glass fish bowl, they like other invasive species can wreak havoc on the lake’s natural ecosystem.