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Guidelines for Living In and Visiting Mountain Lion Habitat

People and mountain lions now occupy much of the same geographical areas in California.  If you live in mountain lion habitat, here are some tips to reduce your chances of an encounter.

Birds of the Lake Tahoe Basin

There are many bird species in the Lake Tahoe Basin.  Follow the link above to learn about a few of the ones often seen by visitors.

An Ecosystem in Transition

A place like Lake Tahoe is a complex and fragile environment, not easily described, nor easily managed. The many elements of this ecosystem, people, wildlife, trees and other plants, water, soil and insects, all must find a way to comfortably coexist. The daunting task for everyone concerned about the welfare of Lake Tahoe, her forests and watersheds is to help create a hospitable environment in which nature can restore the damage wrought by humans over more than a century of neglect.

Lands in Transition

Lands in Transition presents a series of questions and feedback that lead you into the role of Forest Manager; a position entrusted with the stewardship of the forests.  With the help of experts in the field, you will make hard decisions that try to balance the interest of the public and the health of the environment.  Follow the link provided below to access the "Lands in Transition" presentation.*