Temporary Hiring Begins September 16

Temporary hiring webinars

Forest service temporary hiring begins September 16. To see a list of available positions on the Manti-La Sal National Forest, or to see hiring webinar materials check here.

Special Needs Fishing Day

Every year the USDA Forest Service, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, and Bowie Resources Skyline Mine and their partners sponsor a free fishing day for people with special needs who live in Carbon and Emery Counties. Here are some of our favorite moments at the year's Fishing Day.

Conservation Days 2019

Fourth grade students from Carbon and Emery schools participated in the 28th annual Conservation Days at Old Folk Flat in May. Hundreds of students attend over the three-day event and learn about natural resources in the outdoors. Learning experiences are provided by the Manti-La Sal National Forest, Utah Division of Wildlife Resources and the San Rafael Soil Conservation District. Kids learn about wildlife, fisheries, acheology, campground ettiquette, and watersheds.

Avalanche Forecasts

Skiers along snow faceThe Utah Avalanche Center saves lives. The Utah Legislature recently designated the first week of December each year as Avalanche Awareness Week. During Avalanche Awareness Week, Utah Avalanche Center and its partners will host events, classes, and other activities to promote avalanche awareness, education and safety. Click photo to see how the Avalanche Center prepares avalanche forecasts.

Brigham Young University and Manti-La Sal NF Begin Bee Research

Colony collapse disorder in honey bees may be helped if National Forests can be used as range for honey bees. The Manti-La Sal National Forest and Brigham Young University have been working together to design and implement a multi-year study to explore the community effects of honey bees on native pollinators in a tall-forb plant community. BYU will be evaluating the impact of introducing hives of honey bees on native bee community richness and abundance on the Wasatch Plateau of Central Utah. Read more . . .

Dark Canyon Wilderness

Steep erodes clifsThe Dark Canyon Wilderness is a unique forested pocket tucked into the heart of southeast Utah's wild canyon country. The Dark Canyon Wilderness, designated by Congress in 1984, is a spectacular and remote desert canyon wilderness covering over 47,000 acres in the Manti-La Sal National Forest. This video will show you some of the spectacular scenery.

Women in Fire

Woman fire fighter in forest.Women firefighters make up just 10 percent of all firefighters. In this video women firefighters tell their stories of becoming firefighters and the work they do.

Volunteers in Dark Canyon Wilderness


Volunteers from throughout the United States help maintain a scenic hiking trail that winds through Dark Canyon Wilderness -- Horse Pasture Trail. They backpacked about five miles into the wilderness, set up camp for the week, and then hiked to the work project each day.

Travel Analysis Report

The Manti-La Sal National Forest has released its Travel Analysis Report. You can read about it here.

Accelerating Restoration

Update on Progress Since 2012 Large areas of National Forest System land are at risk from the effects of a changing climate, including catastrophic wildfire, insect and disease, and other stressors. The potential restoration treatment needs on these lands are between 65 million to 82 million acres. 

Restoration of diverse landscapes nationwide is critical to maintaining and enhancing the functions needed from productive, resilient forests and grasslands to support thriving communities and economies. 

Restoration helps to ensure that forests and grasslands continue to provide the goods and services that Americans want and need, including clean air and water, wood products, energy, recreation opportunities, carbon management, and fish and wildlife habitat.