Video Library

The Modoc National Forest is a very special place. This page shares a few of the best videos highlighting your national forest. 

Stone Fire burned area safety

The Stone Fire area is cooling off, but fire crews are still finding hotspots, rehabilitating handline and dozer line, and seeking out burned trees that can fall and cause injuries or worse. Snags, or hazard trees, are one of the biggest dangers in a recently burned area. However burned out stump holes, road damage and flash flooding are also potential hazards.

Be Bear Aware

Black bears are not an uncommon sight on the Modoc National Forest. There are easy things you can do while enjoying your national public lands to protect yourself and bears from harmful encounters. This brochure should help get you started.

Recreational Drone Safety

The linked tips are for responsible hobby or recreational use of Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS) or “Drones” on National Forest System Lands.

Annual Report 2015

The Modoc National Forest presents our 2015 Annual Report, highlighting a few of our proudest accomplishments from last year. Please print and share this and other content on this website to help reach more people in our community with news about your National Forest. If you would like to receive regular email updates about the Forest, please send your request to modoc_info@fs.fed.us.

Recreation Fee Program Accomplishment Highlights

The Modoc National Forest uses campground fee revenues to improve and enhance recreation opportunities. The majority of the recreation fees collected stay on the forest and go right back into operating, maintaining and improving the recreational opportunities visitors use and value the most—campgrounds, developed day-use sites, boat ramps, trails and much more.

Winter Adventure Safety

Winter adventures like Christmas tree hunting, sledding, snowmobiling and skiing are all fun winter activities that require driving into the Forest during inclimate conditions. The Modoc National Forest would like for your adventure to be fun and safe, here are a few suggestions to keep in mind.