History & Culture


Sweetwater Cabin

One of the Ocala National Forest's most sought-after cabin rentals is also a Civilian Conservation Corps-era historic site where Gregory Peck stayed during location shoots for The Yearling in 1945. Peck won an Oscar for his role.

Doe Lake Dining Hall

This 1936 Civilian Conservation Corps structure was constructed specifically for use by African American CCC enrollees and is still in use as a kitchen and dining hall today.

Juniper Springs

The crown jewel of Civilian Conservations Corps recreation construction in the National Forests in Florida, this unique recreation area has drawn the attention of public since it was built in 1935. 

The Civilian Conservation Corps

One of the "New Deal" programs of the 1930s, the Civilian Conservation Corps helped establish many of Florida's parks and built structures throughout the Ocala National Forest.

Central Fire Tower

Built in 1949 to replace an earlier tower built by the CCC, this fire tower stands along SR 40 in the midst of the Ancient Island Scrub as an icon of protection from forest wildfires.