Fall Colors on the Prescott National Forest

Fall colors in Arizona?  Seriously?

OK, so Arizona can't compete with New England or the Upper Midwest when it comes to displays of fall color  that go on for miles and miles, but come visit the Prescott National Forest this fall and you might be surprised by what you find! Trees near lakes and waterways put on what we traditionally think of as fall color with pockets of ash, maple, oaks, cottonwoods, aspen, poplars, and sycamore sprinkled throughout the forest. But perhaps the best autumn colors on the forest are less traditional, though startlingly beautiful! Fetid goosefoot covers the foothills and bursts with golds, oranges, and reds in the fall, and Virginia Creeper (a tree-climbing vine) goes unnoticed all summer, but turns a vivid red before losing its leaves for the  winter.


Aldo Leopold 1920 Report on the Prescott National Forest

A historic report witten by Aldo Leopold in 1920 about the condition of the Prescott National Forest and its management.

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