Browns Canyon National Monument Information

The PSICC manages a portion of the newly designated Browns Canyon National Monument

Bear Creek Watershed Restoration Project

To protect the greenback cutthroat trout while allowing for appropriate and sustainable recreation...

HistoricCorps Stabilizes Rourke Ranch Buildings - Comanche NG

An April 2016 HistoriCorps project worked to stabilize structures at the Rourke Ranch National Historic District.

Travel Analysis Process (TAP):

All PSICC TAPs have been finalized and are posted as follows:

Pike National Forest Emergency Flood Relief

The ACC, Federal Highways Administration and U.S. Forest Service  continue to make significant repairs to flood damaged areas in El Paso County.

PSICC Employee Talks About Reforestation on the Pike National Forest

Price Waterhouse Coopers and the Arbor Day Foundation create a video featuring a PSICC employee on the South Platte Ranger District

USFS Seeks Comments On The Crossons-Longview Proposed Forest Treatments

The public is encouraged to attend a public meeting or submit any comments, concerns, or suggestions regarding the Crossons-Longview Proposed Forest Treatments project. 

Travel Management and Recreation Analysis

Proposed changes to travel management and recreation opportunities on the South Platte Ranger District near Guanella Pass.

Trail Creek Restoration Analysis

The Trail Creek Restoration Analysis includes the Assessment Reports and Master Plan for Restoration.

Jefferson Lake Dam Reconstruction Project

The PSICC is seeking public comment on a proposal submitted by the City of Aurora to address issues with the Jefferson Lake dam.

Island Lake Proposal

The Island Lake Watershed Restoration project is located on the PSICC, Salida Ranger District.  The project area involves Billings and Island Lakes.