Alaska Roadless Rule

The USDA Forest Service is seeking public comment on a draft environmental impact statement offering a range of alternatives for roadless management and a proposed Alaska Roadless Rule.

News Release - October 15, 2019

UPDATED--Alaska Roadless Rulemaking Public Meetings and Subsistence Hearing_12-03-19

How to Comment on the Alaska Roadless Rule

Comments must be submitted in writing by December 17, 2019.

Mushrooms of the National Forests in Alaska

It's mushroom season here in Alaska. This brochure presents an introduction and illustrates a number of the more common and interesting of our local species to help those interested to better understand and enjoy one of the many bounties of our magnificent national forests.

Multilingual Animal Names

Please join us as we celebrate some of the many beautiful languages of the indigenous people of Alaska.

Have you seen this potential invader?

The Forest Service found destructive spruce bud blight disease for first time in Southeast near Juneau. This was previously broadly detected on the Kenai, Anchorage and north to Fairbanks.

If seen, please report to either Robin Mulvey (rlmulvey@fs.fed.us or 907-586-7971) or Elizabeth Graham (eegraham@fs.fed.us or 907-586-8883).


Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area Master Plan

Our goal is that the Mendenhall Glacier Recreation Area and Visitor Center will continue to provide recreation experiences that highlight the natural, historic, and cultural resources to local, national, and international visitors and will continue to provide sustainable recreation experiences that interpret glacial features in a changing environment. To accomplish this, we are working on a Master Plan...

Toward Shared Stewardship Across Landscapes

Checkout our strategy for managing catastrophic wildfires and the impacts of invasive species, drought, and insect and disease epidemics and most importantly working more closely with our states. 


Alaska Region Trail Information

Everyday can be a great day to take a hike, so get out and enjoy your National Forest with your best friends.

Chugach Trail information - Chugach Trails on the Interactive Visitor Map

Tongass Trail information - Tongass Trails on the Interactive Visitor Map


Yaxté totem pole

The pole, which was re-raised at the Auk Village site in June 2017, tells the legend of an ancient battle the Áak’w Kwáan fought to protect their village. 

Learn more about the totem here.


2018 Employee Photo Contest

Check out the amazing entries on our Flickr site of this year's Alaska Region Employees Photo Contest.

Adam DiPietro shares this image of looking up Gastineau Channel from the shoulder of West Peak at Sunset. Juneau Ranger District

Tongass Young Growth Inventory Portal

The Tongass Young Growth Inventory Portal story map will provide stand-level inventory data and information for decision makers and stakeholders in the Alaska region, in support of the Tongass National Forest's transition to primarily young-growth timber harvest.

Anan Wildlife Observatory

The Anan Wildlife Observatory is 30 miles southeast of the town of Wrangell, located on Anan Creek.  The creek has the largest run of pink salmon in Southeast Alaska providing a salmon buffet for a high density of black and brown bears.


Tongass National Forest: Sustainable Operations

Sustainable Operations is more than recycling, it's investing in our employees...learn with the Tongass employees about the importance of sustainable operations, how we encourage them to get involved and let them know what they can do to make Tongass' operations more sustainable. Watch here...


Sealaska Land Entitlement Finalization

In December 2014, Congress passed legislation that finalized the remaining Sealaska allotment under ANCSA, enabling the conveyance of 18 parcels in Southeast Alaska. 

Birding Festivals in the Alaska Region

Springtime in Alaska marks the annual migration of millions of birds that make their journey along the Pacific Flyway from southern wintering grounds in the United States and Mexico, and as far away as Central and South America The excellent breeding habitats of the Chugach National Forest and Tongass National Forest serve as staging sites for this annual ritual.

And you're invited.

Recreation Fee Program Accomplishment Highlights

The 2015 Recreation Fee Accomplishment Highlights are now available.
Chugach National Forest
Tongass National Forest


The Chugach, America’s most northerly National Forest

This stunning landscape stretches across south-central Alaska, from the salty waters and snowy peaks of Prince William Sound to the fabulous salmon and trout streams of the Kenai Peninsula, covering an area the size of New Hampshire. It is one of the few places left in the world where glaciers still grind valleys into the hard rock of the earth.


The Tongass, America's largest National Forest

Covering most of Southeast Alaska, surrounding the famous Inside Passage, the Tongass offers unique chances to view eagles, bears, spawning salmon, and the breath-taking vistas of "wild" Alaska. You can take a sled-dog ride on a glacier, hike boardwalk trails, fish in streams or the ocean, or just relax at a remote cabin.