Climbing Mt. McLoughlin Responsibly

Our tallest peak in southern Oregon is a gem, and numerous people venture up it every year. Learn how you can enjoy its splendor--safely!

Roots to Shoots: Three Million Seedlings Transplanted at the RRSNF Nursery

The amazing, flexible, adaptive, and hard-working J. Herbert Stone Nursery staff recently took on a huge task in completing the transplanting of 2.8 million seedlings. Learn more about this feat!

Not Even Bear(ly) a Trace

Hiking or floating the Lower Rogue River means you're in Black Bear Country. Do your part to protect both you and the bears on your visit to their home!

Fire Preparedness Activities on the Rogue River-Siskiyou NF

As warm summer days encroach on the Rogue Valley, preparations and training are underway among the agencies that respond to wildfires.

The 2020 Rogue Currents Newsletter is Here!

The latest volume of the RRSNF and Bureau of Land Management's Rogue Currents is here and ready for your perusal!

Fighting Wind and Fire on the Slater and Devil Fires

Although the Slater Fire posed a great danger, local firefighting agencies had made plans for a coordinated and effective response.

From Timber Technician and Park Guides to Public Information Officers

Learn more about what a Public Information Officer does during a wildfire, and how agencies work together to make sure the public are getting the information they need!

This Is Who We Are

For more than 100 years, the Forest Service has brought people and communities together to answer the call of conservation. Read more about Who We Are!

Rogue River Currents Vol. 2 is Here!

In this, the 2018 edition of Rogue River Currents, the RRSNF and the Medford District BLM want to share the latest information regarding ongoing projects, staffing updates, and all of the amazing accomplishments the joint-agency river program completed!

Learn More About Wildfire: Safety, Practices, and More!

We were able to bring a filmographer to the RRSNF during the 2018 Fire Season to create a series of short films that highlight various fire-related topics! They're short, informative, and provide insight into what fire personnel tackle.

Going Rogue!

Oregon’s Wild and Scenic Rogue River has earned a reputation as one of our country’s premier multi-day river trips, and rightfully so! With a colorful (and at times sordid) history, the Rogue doesn’t disappoint, and has something for everyone.

First Run: Winter Wellness Day at Mt. Ashland 2017!

In the first event of its kind at the Mt. Ashland Ski Area, the Rogue River-Siskiyou National Forest combined forces with the Mt. Ashland Association, La Clinica, TCC Verizon, Jackson Care Connect, the Children’s Advocacy Center, Care Oregon, the Maslow Project, and others to provide a day of Winter Wellness for some of the underserved communities in the Rogue Valley!