2017 Total Solar Eclipse

On the morning of Monday, August 21, 2017, a total solar eclipse will be occur. Public lands, such as those within the Shoshone National Forest, will likely be popular viewing spots. Please plan in advance.

Campfire safety tips from Smokey Bear

The Shoshone National Forest and Smokey Bear want to remind all visitors to the forest of the proper way to fully extinguish a campfire.

Mountain Pine Beetle Epidemic

Mountain pine beetles are killing trees at epidemic levels and will affect the landscape for years to come.

Fall colors come alive on the Shoshone National Forest

Fall colors will soon start to come alive within the Shoshone National Forest.  Colors vary along with the topopgraphy and tree varities within the forest.

Sights to see on the Shoshone this spring

Spring is a great time to see a new part of the Shoshone National Forest. As the weather turns warmer and the days become longer, why not take a trip to see a new spot.


Smokey Bear and the fire danger status for today

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