45th Annual Kid’s Fish Lake Derby Results!

Weather and fishing conditions were just right for the 45th Annual Kid’s Fish Lake Derby held on Saturday, June 22, 2019.

Trinity County Collaborative teams up with the Six Rivers

The Trinity County Collaborative has teamed up with the Six Rivers on the From Fire-killed to Fuelbreaks project developed by its forestry working group.

Fortuna Crew 22 clears Wooley Creek Trail

Great news for all you hikers out there! The Wooley Creek trail system has undergone some recent maintenance and has been cleared of obstacles all the way to Fowler’s Cabin.

Watershed and Fisheries Ecological Restoration

Restoration has long been a central focus of the watershed and fisheries management programs in the Six Rivers National Forest.

Pink-margined Monkeyflower Rare Plant Treasure Hunt

On June 20, 2015, nine chapter members including 3 Forest Service botanists, headed up to Horse Mountain Botanical Area on the forest to visit known sites of the pink-margined monkeyflower.

NPLD Volunteers Tackle Clean-up of Botanical Area

On a recent crisp September morning, 17 volunteers and 9 Forest Service staff came together to clean up trash in the Horse Mountain Botanical Area.

Gordon Hill Vegetation Management Project

Integrated vegetation management project that will meet objectives for fuels treatment, habitat restoration, and timber products.

Mushroom Harvesting Policy for Six Rivers National Forest

The Mushroom Harvesting Policy for Six Rivers National Forest will go into effect on October 10.

Mine Restoration

Mammoth and Hardscrabble Engineering Evaluation/Cost Analysis for the Non-Time-Critical Removal Action

Water Safety Coalition

The Water Safety Coalition works cooperatively to educate recreationists about water safety hazards and issues in the northwestern California area to reduce injuries and deaths. 

More Kids in the Woods and Children’s Forests Programs

Junior Watershed Science Training Program and Redwood EdVenture's Children's Forest Quests projects offer great opportunities for kids to connect to the natural environment.

More Kids in the Woods project fosters youth stewardship

In both the classroom and the field, the More Kids in the Woods project has successfully inspired student engagement with their local Van Duzen and Eel River watersheds.

Smith River NRA Restoration and Motorized Travel Management Project (EIS)

To make changes to the NFTS & MVUM, including adding, upgrading, downgrading, and decommissioning roads to provide for recreation opportunities, administrative needs and reduce risk.*